How do I find quality backlinks ..??

Yesterday when I was having in finding a backlink, but because of factors that if I play in front of my computer there should be a cigarette and than I decided to look for a cigarette at 2:00 pm. So I left the house left with riding a motorcycle to enjoy the cool night air, my head also fantasize and think about where I should look for backlinks to help improve my blog popularity. But maybe it's fate was unfortunate there were police raids in which I did not bring the letter of motor vehicle is usually to buy cigarettes that were located only 500 meters from the house still a residential area does not need to carry a helmet or a letter of motor vehicles. The result is a motorcycle I have on hold in the police station, until now I do not want to take the bike, because I have another reason. But anyway maybe I should buy a new motorcycle. Oooops, it has been far from the title of the article.

After I reads the article on another blog about how to find a quality backlink, then I can conclude to get quality backlinks there are several ways. Because we know that backlinks have a huge influence for the promotion of our blog. There's even a write in an article, if the SEO off-page that has influence 70% compared with SEO on-page with only 30%. I do not deny that, logic is like this, when you build a blog with examples of the theme is "learn SEO" then you must perform the optimization on your blog by adjusting the name of my blog, my blog title meta or meta keywords, title in H1, H2 and H3 as well as keyword optimization in your articles to make it easier to google crawler my blog .
But how will google crawler my blog if I never promote my blog to the others. For example when I want to create a blog whose name is "learning SEO". And how do we promote or my blog page to other blogs? by placing a link or more commonly people say is to build links. Maybe by writing a few tips for that google can Crawlers my blog:
  1. Submit a URL used in the search engines google, msn, yahoo if you want the add the submit also submit url to the directory that has a high PR.
  2. Submit an article I wrote on my blog on the social bookmarking site, of course, by looking at the PR too. Why must submit an article? submits to submit articles on the site url on my blog page of links. With so then I will get a one-way links from those sites.
  3. Commenting on blogs that have a high PR do follow adopts, of course, the memorable commentary and in accordance with the topics discussed, in order to be accepted by the blog owner. More good again if the blog owner commented back on Put the link in the comments column means I've got a two-way link also loyal blog visitors.
  4. Links exchange to blogs that have a high PR, because with the blogs that have a high PR blog will help me in the eyes of search engines. I think this will help once in a lift blog, because that way then I will get a two-way link may be even three directions.
  5. Joining the forum to promote my blog, select the forum that match your interests.
There also are told to put my blog banner ads, if you think it makes sense to put advertising banners on the line also invite visitors to the blog. But I have not done it, because I have not made the banner in my blog. Of all of the above of course everything is not instantly granted, because google also need time to update hundreds or even thousands of blogs available. But while waiting I keep doing these efforts. If you watched the above statement there is always a high PR said maybe that's the key, now how do I stay friends with high PR and search for blogs with high PR and assess the truth of these high PR blogs. Good luck.

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