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SEO on page SEO is a technique to optimize the blog of our own setup of the Meta tags, title, description and title article, as well as content containing the keywords requested for keyword density readings Affecting The effect on search engines, also to provide a link tension on each of our articles to the articles associated with the Put or the link you want (outbound link anchor text) in the Optimize the sidebar widgets and other places for example by placing the most recent announcements and related posts, or also manually. This is quite helpful to our SEO blog posts can be a good page. Now I want the bull to participate SEO example by targeting specific keywords, for example: "Learn SEO", there are some tricks that can be done:

  • Title Tag is better to do with the words "Learn SEO" can be taken one or two phrasa of words phrasa keyword, Title As generally should not be the same blog with the keywords, but can be taken from one of phrasa As with title.ex: " Learn SEO ". Keyword density calculations derived from the repetition phrasa-phrasa keywords.
  • Meta Tag descriptions phrasa can pick all of the keywords with the add the words to be a sentence.
  • For Post Title phrasa may use any of the keywords, just like the meta description tag.
  • In the article, max 4 times just to write the keywords (rather than keywords Phrasa), for example keyword above consists of 2 phrasa, we may do one repetition of these phrasa, if too many keywords may be considered spam as google ..
  • In the article, insert pictures and give keyword tags eg: when you want to upload images <a href=”“><img border=”0? alt=""Contents keyword” src=”http://alamat-gambar/SEO.jpg“/></a>
  • Optimization / url better known to us by the blog link / website other, eg when providing comment, ar enter the url link the article, not a link blog.
  • Diligently to comment to the site the other contest participants.
  • If an article about the contest they will be much, just focus on one article (its URL) is optimized, ie the title = keywords that are contested.
Thus observations and my knowledge of onpage SEO. After reading the above methods, while for me to practice it to promote this blog.

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