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Do follow is a way to your blog or site made to be much visited and commented on each post. Why are many people who visit your blog or site that adopted dofollow? because of the blog or site submits them to do follow Socialbookmark or leave comments on your blog or website that adopt it will find dofollow backlinks link which will automatically increase the position SERP blog or site.
Spend about 2-3 hours per day browsing through these DoFollow forums. Your daily goal is to make at least 20 posts in 3 selected forums related to your niche. It would be good if you can answer some of the questions that other forum users have and they would probably visit your website if they find your answers constructive. You gain in 3 aspects this way… What are they?
1. Free Traffic For Your Site (Other users may also be enticed to visit your website)
2. A One Way Backlink To Your Site (Increases Your Site Popularity And Pagerank)
3. Even If You Can’t Answer Their Questions, You Can Learn From Many Other Experts There
The top 3 forums that I can’t spend a day without visiting are: Warrior Forum, 5Star Affiliate Forum and DreamTeamMoney.
Why? Because they have a high traffic flow of readers. You have a very high chance of finding solutions that you need or the opportunity of being a solution to other newbies. You can get a steady flow of traffic in return. Be a resource to others!
List Of Forums That Allows DoFollow Signatures
  1. Warrior Forum – By far the most helpful and responsive internet marketing forum that I have visted.There are people who are always ready to answer you questions and attend to your need.
  2. 5Star Affiliate Forum – Another favorite affiliate marketing forums.
  3. Ableton – Audio and musical forums
  4. Abestweb – Affiliate Marketing forum for both newbie and experienced affiliates to learn and earn more by sharing information about networks, merchants and best practices
  5. Abundance – Free advertising forum
  6. Addicsports - Baseball, basketball, and sports forum.
  7. – webmaster and affiliate forums.
  8. Acorn Domains – A growing community of UK Domain Name owners, buyers and sellers.
  9. Admin Zone Forums – Resources for community administrator and webmaster.
  10. Adult Webmaster Info – One of the largest “dofollow” adult webmaster forum.
  11. Affiliates4U – UK’s leading affiliate and marketing forums
  12. Allcoolforums - Online Free discussion board
  13. AMD Forums – official AMD processors support forum
  14. Baseballtalkpro – baseball forums.
  15. Blogger Forum – Focused on blogging community, monetizing and promotion of blogs.
  16. Blogger Talk – Forums for bloggers.
  17. Business Forum – business-related forums.
  18. BZ ImageSEO Forum – Web Design Help – Webmaster Forum – Web Hosting Talk
  19. Capital Theory – online moneymaking forum.
  20. Clickbank Success – A “dofollow” forum dedicated to clickbank users.
  21. Clicks Forum – Internet marketing for business.
  22. Cnet Forums – Software and technical forums.
  23. Code4gold – Free Webmaster Resources, Webmaster Tools and Search Engine Optimization
  24. Comic Book Resources – Discussion about comic books and resources
  25. David Castle – UK SEO & Internet Marketing Forums.
  26. Deviantart – Join the largest art community in the world!
  27. DDBoard – Domain name “dofollow” discussion board.
  28. Digitalppoint – Internet marketing and search engine forums
  29. DirectoryJunction – New but cool webmasters forum.
  30. Discuss Names – Another dofollow domain names discussion forum.
  31. DN Forum – Domain name sales, domain name appraisals, domain name discussions
  32. DN Lodge – Domain name and webmasters forums. Dofollow signature advertising.
  33. DN Scoop – Domain and webdevelopers forums.
  34. Domain Name Forums – Domain name discussion, appraisals, buys and sell, and domain marketplace.
  35. Dreamteam Money Forum – Moneymaking forums. One of the hottest moneymaking forums offering dofollow forum signature.
  36. Ecauldron – Pagan and religious forum
  37. Egadforum – general community forum.
  38. – Internet Marketing and webmaster forum.
  39. Filesharingtalk – file sharing forum.
  40. Free Ad Forum – Dofollow free advertising forum
  41. Free Advertising Forum – Unlimited ad posting. Content and signatures both dofollow.
  42. Freewebspace – Free webhosting guides and forums.
  43. Fogengine – Web directories forum
  44. Geek Village – Large moneymaking “dofollow” forum.
  45. Gento Forum – technical and programming forum
  46. Golden Talk – High Yield Investment Programs forums.
  47. Googlecommunity – Everything about google
  48. GPT Boycott Forums – Get-paid-to forums and ratings.
  49. Hablarmierda – a Spanish dofollow forum
  50. Harmony Central – Musicians Community Forums
  51. Hit Tail – Real traffic, real time, real result.
  52. Hot4s Online Forum – Australia’s cars and motoring forums
  53. Hotsurfs – Focusing on making money out of autosurfing.
  54. HTML Forums – Free webmaster forums and help
  55. HYIPs Talk – High Yiled Investment Programs forums.
  56. IDN Forums – International domain names forums, sales, appraisals, and general discussion.
  57. Intel Forums – Intel software developers community forums.
  58. Im4newbies – Affiliate marketing forum guide for new affiliates.
  59. Internet Marketing for Business – Internet Marketing and SEO Webmaster Forums
  60. IQ 69 – Mainstream Webmasters Forum
  61. Iwebtool – Offers preview of site in signatures. Webmaster tools forum
  62. Lex224 - Computer and gaming forum.
  63. Live Journal – creating a community forum.
  64. Microsoft Forum – Official Microsoft support forum.
  65. Money Maker Group – Internet marketing and webmaster forum focusing on HYIPs.
  66. Movie Lists - Movies and show business.
  67. Moneyfanclub – A “dofollow” online moneymaking forum focusing on HYIPs and autosurfs.
  68. Mygamebuilder – gaming forum
  69. MySQL Forum – database and programming forums
  70. – An active community of domain name owners, investors, buyers, and sellers of all kinds
  71. Online Books Club – Book & Reading Discussion
  72. Oracle Forums – Support forum for Oracle
  73. Paganforum – pagan and religion forum
  74. Payment Processing – Online payment and credit card processing forums. Ecommerce forum.
  75. PhpBB Forum – official support community forum for PhpBB users.
  76. PokerBRB Forum – Anything about Poker
  77. Revenue Source - Affiliate Marketing and SEO forums
  78. Search Engine Forums – Discussion Forum of SEO and Webmaster Related Topics
  79. Search Engine Roundtabe – Search Engine Forums
  80. SEO Chat – Programming and development forum online. Folders for all programming languages.
  81. SEOForum – Australian SEO Forum
  82. Forum – Search Engine Optimization discussion.
  83. SEO Guy – Search Engine Optimization Forum. Dofollow signature.
  84. Sidetalks – general forum
  85. Simplemachines – SMF official support forum.
  86. Siteowners – A dofollow webmasters forums
  87. Sitepoint – Webmaster and programming forums.
  88. Sitesell Forum – webmaster community forum
  89. Small Business Forum – A “dofollow” business forum for small entrepreneurs and online moneymakers.
  90. Startups – Business start-up and innovation forums
  91. Static-Subs – anime forums
  92. Submitexpress – Search engine forum
  93. – Freelance webmasters, webdesign, and seo community.
  94. Tattoo – tattoo forums.
  95. Textpattern – textpattern support forums
  96. The Free Ad Forum – Largest free advertising forum now has a “dofollow” signature.
  97. The Green Nation – Another “dofollow” HYIP forum.
  98. The V7 – Webmaster Forums
  99. TheHYIPforum – Another “dofollow” forum owned by Talkgold. Best if you are promoting a HYIP site.
  100. TriPHP Webmaster Forums – TriPHP Webmaster Forums is a friendly Community for Webmasters of all experience levels
  101. Ubuntu Technical Forum – technical and PC-related forums.
  102. W3SEO – SEO forums
  103. Webdegity - webmaster forum
  104. Web Design Forums – The place for web designers. A dofollow forum.
  105. Web Developer – Generally about programming and scripting websites with sections on domain names, and other money related topics.
  106. Webicy – Webmaster community forums.
  107. Web Life – A HYIP forum sowned by Talkgold.
  108. Webhosting Canada – Industry Discussion, Webmaster Forum, Web Host Reviews and Deals forums.
  109. Webhosting Talk – Geared towards hosting resellers but has some relevant sections on making money selling hosting and running a website
  110. Webmaster Forums Online – News and Discussion Forums for Webmasters about SEO, Internet Marketing and Advertising, Website Design and Development, Web Hosting and General Topics.
  111. Webmasters Help – Webmaster and seo forum. Lionks on posts are “nofollow” but offer “dofollow” signatures.
  112. Webmaster-talk – Programming, webdesign, seo, and webmaster forums
  113. Webproworld – The world’s forum for ebusiness professionals.
  114. Webtalkforums – Webmaster Forum is a revenue sharing webmaster discussion forum
  115. Windows Forum – windows community forums.
  116. Winamp – Official winamp forum.
  117. Work at Home Moms – Moneymaking forum for Moms.
  118. Work-at-Home Moms – Internet marketing message boards for moms.
  119. World of Warcraft – online gaming forum
  120. Xandros – website design, themes, and lay out forums.
A good article will be taken and placed on thousands of websites with links pointing back to your site.
Even it’s worth submitting to some NoFollow directories too,i have compiled a list only with DoFollow ones and by submitting an article you automatically get a link from directory itself.
  1. EzineArticles PR 6   Alexa:183
  2. GoArticles PR 6   Alexa: 2,584
  3. SelfGrowth PR6   Alexa: 7,008
  4. iSnare PR6   Alexa: 11,144
  5. ArticleDashboard PR5   Alexa: 4,915
  6. Buzzle PR5   Alexa: 1,686
  7. ArticleCity PR5   Alexa: 13,184
  8. SiteReference PR5   Alexa: 20,259
  9. TheWhir PR5   Alexa: 31,463
  10. Articlet PR5   Alexa: 68,637
  11. ArticlesFactory PR4   Alexa: 23,817
  12. Articler PR4   Alexa: 30,237
  13. IdeaMarketers PR3   Alexa: 8,588
  14. ArticleRich PR3   Alexa: 16,923
  15. WebSource PR3   Alexa: 19,876
  16. ArticleCompilation PR3   Alexa: 24,513
  17. ArticlePros PR3   Alexa: 27,597
  18. TalkinMince PR3   Alexa: 70,097
  19. AllBestArticles Pr3   Alexa: 72,064
  20. Amazines PR2   Alexa: 6,298
  21. e-Articles PR2   Alexa: 23,581
  22. ArticleSphere PR2   Alexa: 31,500
  23. ArticleDirectory PR2   Alexa: 38,853
  24. ArticleCircle PR2   Alexa: 40,522
  25. EveryonesArticles PR2   Alexa: 54,590
  26. ArticleGold PR2   Alexa: 56,093
  27. ArticleSnatch PR0   Alexa: 4,393
Thousands of people are browsing these directories every day so if you’re not yet using this method you better start now..

Submitting your website content to dofollow social bookmarking sites can bring you a lot of backlinks and traffic.I made a list of such sites with their pagerank and alexa rank.
Page Rank 9
Page Rank 8 1,300
Page Rank 7 2,604 3,190 14,507
Page Rank 6 2,551 10,161 24,261
Page Rank 5 13,453 37,050 68,384
Page Rank 4 11,312 23,275 24,122 27,330 76,369
Page Rank 3 83,239 26,962 23,572 49,065 34,851 54,051
Page Rank 2 53,345 58,140 74,729 48,868
Page Rank 1 97,789
Page Rank 0 14,140,955 26,427 47,889
I will do my best to keep this list updated however if you have another social bookmarking sites that you would like to be added to this list feel free to contact me.
Enjoy it!
EbaumsWorld PR6  Alexa: 1,740 PR3 Alexa: 202,407 PR3  Alexa: 74,753 PR3  Alexa: 2,702,256 PR2  Alexa: 17,252 PR1  Alexa: 1,049,031 PR0  Alexa: 338,084 PR0  Alexa: 397,356 PR0  Alexa: 356,169 PR0  Alexa: 314,986 PR0  Alexa: 744,031 PR0  Alexa: 1,081,343 PR0  Alexa: 1,141,379 PR0  Alexa: 2,808,164 PR0  Alexa: 2,110,618 PR0  Alexa: 485,796 PR0  Alexa: 289,376

 You can obtain dofollow links from everywhere, from a blog to a video sharing site.I think that all link builders are searching “sources” for dofollow links . What are the benefits of dofollow links?
The main benefit is that you get a link back to your site. And backlinks are very important for any website or a blog. They are considered by Google as votes that have been given for your site and will greatly increase traffic and ranking positions of your website.
This site offers dofollow at links contained by description. is one of many video sharing websites, however this site is focused on video blogs and podcasts. The software has been designed to make watching a series of episodes much easier than other video sharing websites.
This site offers dofollow at links contained by profile.
This site offers dofollow at links contained by “more info” field .
(more)About Video Bomb
Video Bomb is a project of the Participatory Culture Foundation (PCF), a non-profit organization based in Worcester, MA. Our mission is to build software and websites to create an independent, creative, engaging, and meritocratic TV system for millions of people around the world. Video Bomb is part of the complete Democracy Internet TV Platform.
This site offers dofollow at links contained by description
This site offers dofollow at links contained by profile
This site offers dofollow at links contained by profile.
Ovi by Nokia is the brand for Nokia’s Internet services. The Ovi services can be used from a mobile device, computer  or via the web ( Nokia focuses on five key services areas: Games, Maps, Media, Messaging and Music. On your profile you can place  an link which have the “dofollow” atribute.
This site offers dofollow at links contained by profile.
This site offers dofollow at links contained by profile.
This site offers dofollow at links contained by profile.
ConstantComedy is a website catering exclusively to comedians and comedy lovers. Whether you are an new performer, a seasoned pro, or just enjoy watching comedy,here you can find all what you want. It’s a site full with quality comedy.I really like this site and i like to spend my time whatching videos here.
This site offers dofollow at links contained by profile.

If you want to find dofollow blog can be found in one directory

Indonesia Java International Destination

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