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In studying and SEO are needed to deepen learning and constantly practicing. Everything that was needed and the process of time, nothing is instant. We as humans should be able to understand the meaning of the process, understanding the meaning of the process can be from other people or understanding with recognized himself. And this is my second blog as a process that should I pass to learn about SEO. In the year 2010, the lot held a contest in the beginning of Astaga lifestyle, hard work is the our energy , Indonesia Java International Destination. Of the contest can make our learning for SEO. and see how far we are familiar with SEO.

Indonesia Java International Destination
My name is Bagaskara Rooshardwiadi, born in Jakarta on 31 May 1983. I was the second of four children, my Big brother is a  Geo Perdana, my Little brother is Bayu Perkasa, and my youngest sister is an Citra Roosharmulyaningtyas. My parents Ir E Roosdiawan and Rr.Tri Harliah . My educational background is in the Geological Sciences Trisakti University, Jakarta, Indonesia. I am among those who like to learn something from beginning to end, although learning blog is not the end of me, but it is one of my learning. When we talk about learning the word has a very broad sense, including our life is a learning if we want to think and reflect more deeply.  

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Indonesia Java International Destination

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Kerja keras adalah energi kita said...

Nice blog..and u have a face like me, aren't ??

hardworker said...

sama bos, saya juga pemula nih

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