How long does Google index the Blog???

After waiting for three days, finally the wait was answered, too. Google finally indexing my blog, so I just went SEO theories that I can from the results of direct observation blogwalking and on other blogs. Everything to do with the way I write comments on other blogs in the hope that search engines will quickly recognize our blog. The result after a few hours ago I published my post on the blog, suddenly appeared directly in my plugin cached January 6, 2010 with google index 5.

It must be asked what affects one of the Google index the page on our blog after submit the URL in the site normally used as a search engine. Usually after a submit a URL will appear a message that says "we are processing the results you submit, within 24 hours will show the results" It was after 24 hours of our blog has not been indexed by google uncle. Then why only appear after 3 days after submit the URL, following one of my observations as a beginner so if wrong please be advised that even if there is more to know please add via comments. Ok I just want to share my observations.

It should be understandable even though sometimes we have to upset to wait, because it takes time to googe updating blogs there. Can you imagine how many blogs to be updated each day by her uncle google. In addition there are also technical factors that influence whether or not quick google indexing our blog. In addition to SEO to implement science in the index for the first time recognized is probably the onpage SEO techniques to maximize our pages, but if we talk on the engine problems google ranking of the most affecting thing is link building. Off page SEO techniques may do little to help with social bookmarking submit to the choose a high PR, or perhaps by reading these SEO How long does google index blog?? maybe with this SEO tips can help you.

But here I will share the story why the sudden after I did this post before suddenly uncle google direct indexing my pages. Okay .. before I had heard that at least should make a ten new post, uncle google will index our blog. At first I did not believe with these words because I saw so many of my friends blog that contains articles 3 can be indexed by google. But after I saw it happen just now, I get a little bit to believe the words of my friend. Because the article I published right at that moment in my article that the ten. Continue to why blogs are indexed 3 articles, blogs are still indexed just takes a very long time, because I also saw it on his blog last start and he published his article on his blog was a year ago. From my story is you must be able to conclude, what a quick google indexing Affects the first time a page on a blog. What about your blog ..?? will be an increase in their own familiar google uncle who works as a search engine, if you also want to share your experiences. Thanks

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