SEO studied the density of keywords

In learning SEO things I always notice is how can I write a lot of raises and optimize keyword phrases there. It needs constant practice to be able to write with a solid articles with keywords in the heading. Because we have to arrange for the sentence can be a good sentence in the reading. Now I will explain the meaning of the keywords, keywords are words that are used as the key used to optimize your blog or website so that our blog can be easily spidered by search engines.

In order to optimize the keywords in our blog can be spidered by the search engine consists of sections on the blog:
  1. Keyword in a blog or website, a blog or web called header 1
  2. Keyword in title tag, title tag or the header called 2 is the title of your blog or website.
  3. Keyword in description tag, this is part description blog.
  4. Keyword in the title of the article, title of the article or post that referred to as the header 3.
  5. Keyword on the content of articles, keywords on the content of the article.
  6. Keyword in pictures / banners, keywords used in the image with the alt tag.
Keyword optimization in order to achieve the most important keyword density is the repetition of the phrase that there is also a whole. By entering keywords also affect the density of keywords in your blog or website. Tool to determine whether the keywords that we optimize the blog we've reached the keyword density is a plugin seaquake that I use. If there have any reference or other tools, please share to me because life is to share.

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Good research adn learn about SEO basic..keep work

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