Indonesia Java International Destination, the second experience SEO contest

Indonesia Java International Destination is my second experience after the contest hard work is our energy. By following the SEO contest has provided a lot of personal input in identifying their own SEO, although in practice it has not in accordance with the desired results. Seeing this, I was reminded by my friend's advice to learn SEO it requires experience constant. To achieve the results I wanted was to see many blog pages of the contest winners to be my reference. It is not much that I use as my reference, for the moment I am just refers kang aalil in this blog.

In making this blog template I created a simple to speed up the process of loading in my opening page. In contrast to my previous blog which is my first blog, so the difference is very visible from the side view of tips provided by experts in the SEO blogs that template must be friendly, perhaps with a template that I created this simple can fulfill my expectations and could get a sense the word "friend". And I do not much enter wiget with large size and a lot, because I try to focus on my articles. And I also tried to just focus on one article alone, but which continues to be my question is how long a search engine like google, yahoo, and msn can index my blog??. Until I write this blog I have not indexed by the search engine. Well in the hope that if anyone reading this article could provide an answer. But since the end of this contest will be long so I kept waiting for me to add a backlink to comment in the hope of helping in the search engines indexing my pages, it is one of my speculation so quickly indexed by search engines.

I also heard from one of my friends, that the search engines will index it as we did ten posts. About the truth I have not prove it, but when referring to the blog that I created this was not yet reached ten. While awaiting the truth I keep writing and posting once a day. Hopefully google engine so that his heart was opened immediately to update my blog and immediately put it on the first page of google. Ooo yes I forgot to tell you my experience of this one, many say one on page seo techniques by doing good pairing keyword meta tags or descriptions, but when I walk on the blog that has a high PR and also one of the the contest winners hard work  is our energy, they do not put meta tags on their blogs. Finally, I also change my meta tags  Hmm .... did a lot of mysteries unsolved SEO, perhaps over time as a beginner I can solve the mystery:) already like television show Uka-uka.

Indonesia Java International Destination

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