SEO contestants outpouring of the heart

Beginning of the year 2010 there are several SEO contest that I follow. I finally more or less understand the science of SEO, though not as deep as the master SEO in Indonesia. By following a few SEO contest also provides its own meaning for me. From the start the way the on page optimization to off page, if for me as a beginner was delighted to have such scientific practice. Although the names have to work very hard so that our blog can appear on the first page of google. Every day dozens of links to build back links to make blogwalking and to comment on the article on the blog, so that our blog's popularity also increased.

Sometimes I feel lazy to build links to blogs that have, as I see my blog article are still very few. Since my blog is about SEO so I had to write about all the SEO knowledge, until now there has been no inspiration on my writing about other SEO knowledge. Because for basic SEO knowledge may be sufficient here. From a dummy blog, optimization and off page onpage on his blog, I am confused to write let alone compelled me to write about pouring my heart about this SEO contest. Occasional disappointed because after a few days to give comments to get backlinks but not too satisfactory results.
Until finally I began to saturation and deviate from the direction of my goal, namely to stop updating the blog and build links to the blog. I even saw one that made me forget about will contest SEO for a while. Since this article title is pouring heart, so I am happy to share the things that make me forget the SEO contest for a while. Now will I share what makes me able to forget the SEO contest for a while. From the start I was always fascinated with one foreign artist who always made me feel "hot" and sometimes I have to channel it to masturbate. Because the factors that made me lazy to do a post on my blog. Buddies's known all must also have felt it, so I do not need to explain anymore. he he he ..
Immediately, who has always been my masturbation material and can make me feel calm and lazy, but absolutely delicious broo ...

But sometimes I think to increase traffic should be with a content and keywords of interest, as far as I am Britney Spears always ranked first in the search engines for relevant content. Who does not know Britney Spears ..? Here first it seemed to me to post today. Still a bit-a little weak because of the factors that .. he he he ..:)). Public figures can always take visitors on our blog. let alone world-class public figures, like Britney Spears. Thanks and Enjoy, I'll give the others collection on the next post . And do not miss the news this one, As with one of the places to be visited Britney Spears when visiting Indonesia to conduct tours. And do not forget to leave a comment. Thanks

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Britney Spears always makes me want to fly the birds from the nest. And also make my goods to be hard.

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