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Hoamm .. up in the morning my head was still a little dizzy, but must continue post on his blog. I'm more confused this was three days I continued to dream of a girl, and I always ask why I dreamed of her. But anyway I do not want these things disturb my mind. This was another SEO contest Indonesia Java International Destination. I have to continually post on my blog, because by doing post can add backlinks to our blog and also some search engines like blogs on the web or the continued updates. With Indonesia Java International Destination contest do need patience. Because of the unique requirements of the SEO contest for the other starters, which should register without any backlinks blog and previous cached version, it means that the listed blogs have to be really new. Here was the story until later, it was just the opening words from me.
From the observations and reading a few SEO articles book entitled, link building is to build a link from your blog or website, in order to increase the popularity of your blog or website. In the article says "please do not be stupid yourself, with just relying on Google tools you can build a link that can lift the popularity of your blog or website. of the sentence and then I kept thinking I should do nothing but submit to several search engines like google, msn or yahoo. There are 71 ways to build up a link to your blog but I just write part of it, if there is to see the details please visit the site above. This is some of the ways of the 71 ways:
  1. Start a blog. Not only has one blog. Post regularly and content.
  2. Links to other blogs from your blog. Outbound links is one of the cheapest forms of marketing available. Many bloggers also track who is connected to them or where they came from the traffic, so linking to them is an easy way to get noticed by some of them.
  3. Comments on other blogs. Most of these comments will not provide much direct search engine value, but if your comments are useful, insightful, and relevant they can encourage direct traffic. They also help to make other bloggers become aware of you, and they can start reading your blog and / or linking to it.
  4.  Technorati tag pages rank well in Yahoo! and MSN, and to a lesser extent in Google. Even if you are fairly new blog you can have your posts appear on the Technorati tag pages by tagging your posts with relevant tags.
  5. If you create a blog make sure you list a few best blogs directory. 
I used to write several articles about link building, I've given my reference taken as the basis for my writing. If anyone wants to know more go into details 71 ways to build good links and how to build a bad link. Thanks

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