Indonesia Java International Destination, Stone town

Indonesia Java International Destination

Shows one of tourist attractions in Stone Town is also known as agropolitan area, thus earning the nickname City Agropolitan. Like the area surrounding Malang Raya, Stone Town produces many apples, vegetables, and garlic. Stone Town is also known as the city of artists. There are a lot of studio painting and art galleries in town. The newest is Stone Night Spectaculer, an amusement park with several rides teenagers like at Dreamland Ancol Jakarta as Stone Town Tourism. Before we introduced the stone city as tourist attractions on the island of Java Indonesia is useful to know the origin or history of stones city.

Indonesia Java International Destination

History of Stone Town as one international destination or tourism in the island of Java, Indonesia.
Since the 10th century, the Rock and the surrounding area has been known as a resting place for the royal family, because the region is mountainous area with a nice cool air, is also supported by the beauty of the landscape as a characteristic of mountainous regions.
When the time of King Sendok, a senior member of Kingdom named mpu Supo Kingdom ruled King Sendok to build a resort the royal family in the mountains nearby fountains of water. With effort, Mpu Supo finally found an area now known as the area Songgoriti Tourism. With the approval of the King, Mpu Supo which was also had great magic power began building Songgoriti area as a royal resting place and built a temple named Candi Supo.These resting places are the source of cold running water and cool as all the springs in the mountainous region. Cold springs are often used to wash the keris magical as objects of royal heritage Spoon. Because springs are often used for washing objects of magical kingdom that has supernatural powers (Magic) is infinite indignation, finally spring is initially cold and cool eventually turned into a source of hot water. And the hot water until now become the eternal source of tourism in the region Songgoriti.

Stone Town Tourism

  • Cave Tours
  • Cave tours are in Cangar and Tlekung

Indonesia Java International Destination

Coban Rondo

Coban Rais

Coban Copenhagen

      Indonesia Java International destinationBaths

      Songgoriti (Hot & cold water baths)

      Selecta (Cold water baths)

      Cangar (Hot water baths)

      Agro Tourism
      • Kusuma Agro (plantation apples, strawberries, guava, and orange) is also a place outbound
      Hiking, Camping
      • National Forest R. Soeryo (Cangar)
      • Panderman Mountain
      • Coban Rondo

      Indonesia Java International Destination

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