Indonesia Java International Destination, Museum Mpu Tantular

Indonesia Java International Destination, Museum Mpu Tantular as one of East Java tourism in Indonesia also can be International destination. Museum Mpu Tantular is the history of the development of the Stedelijk museum in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia, founded by Von Vaber from Germany, which now he had become citizens of Surabaya. This building was founded in 1933, and was inaugurated on July 25, 1937 at Jalan Pemuda 33 Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. The idea of building a museum by Von Vaber  to revealed the history of Surabaya city as the birthplace can be International Destination. Cultural Institute presents an ultimately realized in the form of museums. These efforts pioneered by Von Vaber begins by collecting data systematically as a material book "Old Surabaya" (Surabaya Old). After the book can be published, the next step is writing a book "NEW SURABAYA" (New Surabaya), published in 1933.

Indonesia Java International Destination, Museum mpu tantular

Indonesia Java International Destination

 In order to maintain the viability of the museum is a museum Mpu Tantular placed under the General Education Foundation. Next comes the initiative to give this museum to the Regional Government of East Java Province, Indonesia. The inauguration took place on 1 November 1974. Next State Museum of East Java is named Mpu Tantular with initial location Pemuda street 3 Surabaya. Since the addition of the collection in mid-September - October 1975 the museum was moved to Jalan Taman Mayangkara 6 Surabaya, the opening on August 12, 1977. Former museum building consists of two parts of the front (main building) and the back (new building). The main building is used for permanent exhibition which continues at the new building on the ground floor of the East. The top floor is used for space and Space Administration Head Museum.  Long ago when the inauguration of this museum, museum mpu tantular is one of the international destination in East Java, Indonesia. Museum Mpu Tantular in Surabaya Jl. No. Mayangkara Park. 6 Surabaya, has a strategic location, being between Jalan Raya Darmo and Jalan Diponegoro and the location is opposite the Surabaya zoo which also is one of tourist attractions in Surabaya, East java, Indonesia.

Indonesia Java International Destination

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