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In addition to studying SEO instead requires hard work also require patience. Why did I say patience ??. After we do all the optimizations on the blog in order to support the keywords in the heading. We must also frequently seen developments in the SERP. After the road was almost 3 weeks, the result I could even decline. Because of my analysis based on the keyword in the search with four of keyphrases Indonesia Java  International Destination is not visible from the beginning, maybe the reason  is  my  old blog was about 3 weeks. But if I input the long tail keyphrases seen the results, the position is at number two After the improve and get more backlink by leaving the outbound links on other blogs, two weeks later my blog  then actually disappeared from the eyes of This is very confusing!! Maybe that was what the intention that the SEO is full of mystery.

Discuss about SERP is rather difficult to observe especially if you have not entered the top 10 google. Looking for the following 3 pages are still able, but if it was past the third page still do not see the results, direct my spirit down. Finally, so many questions that arise., Why with google webmaster when I click on the top keyword queries direct me go to another blog page. It's really strange but true, based from my observations to index pages  google also needs time to read the links already in Lay on other blogs. Then I wondered how long google will read the link. What factors affect the google to read that links. Until now I finally can only wait and do another post. While in waiting there is no harm  to follow other SEO contests like Nowgoogle multiple Search engines  popular, Increase your traffic with klikrar, Astaga! Lifestyle on the net  To deepen knowledge in accordance with the title SEO blog in "LearnSEO".  Hoping that google will update my blog. Hmmm .. it is like sheila on 7 song..:).

Indonesia Java International Destination

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