What is SEO??

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process or a way to make our website or blog to be more friendly with search engines and continuously review the performance of web / blog so we can look at the SERP (Search Engine Result Page), so that we can increase the visibility of performance on the major search engines.  To be recognized by search engines, each search engine has a unique formula which is known as an algorithm to rank web pages or blogs based on keywords or other relevant requests.Now you must be wondering what’s the key word??.

Keywords are words or phrasa be 1 to 5 phrases that become a tool to describe a blog or website. As a basis for SEO techniques is how to keep our website or blog can be recognized by search engines such as bing, yahoo, google. And of course put your blog or website at number one or at least the first page of search engine. But somehow we’ve done a SEO techniques that are suggested, but search engines still need time to get to know our blog. The more SEO techniques are in use then the search engine will recognize more quickly.
There are many techniques for SEO from the start beginner to advanced level, but here I will only discuss how to use SEO techniques to beginners. I wrote this article is not showing that I am good at SEO, but for me learning SEO techniques while reviewing what I have got from SEO experts and share the info to anyone who is willing to learn SEO. Now I will share one of my SEO techniques that can be the result of a trip to another blog. There are many aspects involved with SEO, SEO can be divided into two categories, namely “on page” and “off page”. The first thing I’ll discuss on page techniques. On page optimization includes the analysis (but not limited to):
* Title tag.
* Meta data (eg Meta description, Meta keywords, Meta tag robots, etc.).
* Alt image attributes. Image optimization.
* Keyword density.
* Header tags.
* Outbound link anchor text.
* Same site link anchor text (internal navigation).
* The use of Flash.
* Robots.txt
“Off page” optimization refers to link building or getting inbound links to a website. This is important because most search engine algorithms rank a web site on the link popularity. Basically, if a site where the link to your website from them from this classified as a “voice” for your site. The more votes for your web site more “important” your site is considered by search engines. As my first posting, maybe just until there first. Later I will share information about SEO Techniques “on page” in detail for beginners.

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