Indonesia Java International Destination, Curug Sewu Waterfall

Indonesia Java International Destination, After vacuum for several days did not update the blog at last there I have the mood for updates  my blog  on this one. With the theme Indonesia Java  discussing the recreation area  in particular Indonesia especially on the island of Java. Now I wanna post about Curug Sewu Waterfall as recreation area and also tourism in Indonesia as International destination .
Indonesia Java International Destination
Curug Sewu Waterfall
Curug Sewu Water Fall located in area Sala Endah, West Java. This waterfall not only offers natural beauty but also challenge for can come near it. Therefore every one likes this place because have a natural beauty and trek field offering separate challenge and also have a potention become tourism area in Indonesia especially in Java Island.
As one of waterfall with natural beauty in Java Island, Indonesia, Curug Sewu has separate fascination. Some part of journeys of towards the location is has challenged, in the form of as of steep tread and smooth. The main fascination of Curug Seribu Water Fall is the height of those waterfalls reach 100 meters with big water effusing.
Curug Sewu is residing in height of 200 meters above this sea level located in Town West Bogor,West Java. This Curug frequently visited by the nature lovers and tourist especially local. Even some foreign tourist also has ever visited it. because that reason why curug sewu have a potention become International Destination as Tourism area in Java Island, Indonesia.
Indonesia Java International Destination, Curug Sewu
Another Side Of Curug Sewu

To reach location Curug Seribu, needs extra energy, because visitor must walk as far as one Km. Visitor also must beware of because passing steep footpath and smooth. In this tourism object  in Indonesia there are some facilities, which can be, enjoyed visitor for example MCK, mushola, camping ground, shelter, and booth eats. Perhaps if Curug Sewu to be International destination in Indonesia as one of the resorts in the island of Java, the area will be developed and added facilities.
Indonesia Java International Destination
Foreign Tourist at Curug Sewu Resort
It is not difficult to reaches Curug Seribu. If you came from outside Java from  Indonesia International Airport Bandara Soekarno Hatta went up bus Damri towards Terminal Baranang Sianq Bogor. Then went up city transport towards terminal Bubulak and continued by city transport rising towards Cobatok. Out of three Cibatok rising Angkot towards village Pasir Reungit or rising ojek, motorcycle. From Pasir Reugit Village trekking towards spandrel Curug Seribu then buy admission ticket, has just then treads as of tread downwards rising until to Curug Seribu. To this end first of Curug Sewu Waterfall is a place that has the potential to make an international destination on the island of Java, Indonesia.Which called Indonesia Java International Destination.

Indonesia Java International Destination

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