Indonesia Java International Destination, Singosari temple in Malang

It's not only a stone city n Malang city as tourism but also a historical tourism  sights in the form of relics of the temple at Singosari kingdom. This temple is located in District Singosari approximately 11 km north from the center of the city of Malang. Temple Singosari / Singhasari sometimes also referred to as Ken Dedes temple is located in the city Singosari. Singosari Temple is also a tomb of King Kertanagara (1268 - 1292) as Bhirawa or god Shiva in the form of malignancy. As one international destination on the island of Java in the city of Malang is a lot of relics that can tell the origin of  Indonesia country. Many relics of the past once the ancient kingdom in Java, East Java in particular, because it was not common knowledge back when Java was the center of the city in the ancient times until the formation of the Republic Indonesia.
Although not bigger like temple borobudur once of International Destination in Island of Java but this temple also has to tell of events that runs fiber evidence of the kingdom in Java, Indonesia. So malang can be Indonesia's International Destination in island of Java

Indonesia Java International Destination
Candi Singosari

In the west of the temple Singhasari (approximately 100 meter) there are two huge statues that have a 3.7 meter high called the guards, or better known as Dwarapala statue of a beautiful garden and spacious in the kingdom age Singhasari, which may include Sumberawan.
Indonesia Java International Destination
Arca Dwarapala
This statue is famous for being the statue of the royal symbol Singhasari gatekeeper in the 5th century. This statue is now very rare, because he was already thousands of years. Dwarapala stone types are also many craft centers vogue in Central Java Muntilan statue Indonesia. tourists can see the real statue in Malang, East Java, Indonesia.For this reason  that the city is located in the eastern part of Java island that is also part of the Indonesian archipelago is one of Indonesia's international destination or can be referred to as Indonesia Java International Destination.

Indonesia Java International Destination

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