Simple SEO Tips but working

Here is a simple way to SEO which is summarized by maxed
SEO Search Engine Optimization is a way or technique - the website optimization techniques used by the internet marketing to increase the number of visits to websites or blogs of their Internet businesses.

 SEO technique (Search Engine Optimization) is generally composed of two of On Page and Off Page.

On Page: This is the method that is to create websites or blogs look better design in terms of page views, content or content pages and web theme itself.

Tips methods On Page:

* Note the well-used theme on a website or blog to be adjusted to the current world developments.
* Website or blog is set in a simple but solid content.
* Update content, or content on a regular basis
* Buat sitemap agar dapat dikenali oleh mesin pencari
* Try the website content or blog page has a title and a unique theme

Off Page: It is a technique performed in this building as many links to more familiar with Backlink.

Tip Off method Page:

* Submit articles about the content of your website or blog to the article directories like
* Submit your website or blog to the web directory
* Distribute link your website or blog dencan way link exchanges between Internet users.
* Active socialize with other Internet users via chats, forums, and email.
* Register your website or blog to the directory search engines (Google, MSN, Yahoo)SEO Tips

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