The Most Powerful SEO Technique

Many SEO's reply said the secret, but simple ... Here I will share SEO techniques that I've sort of compact and most powerful, but ask if there is a lack of share in commentar ... let more complete. Whose name I think SEO website optimization (On Page SEO) & backlinks ... but 70% comes from SEO backlink. Technique on page seo divided by 2 also, customizable templates and seo friendly content.

For the template itself is in share everything here, one change permalink, tags h1, h2, h3, etc. Try to focus on content

First: Unique

second: content writing techniques. This simple trick that many benefits :

1. Keywords that have been shot at the title
2. Put the keyword in the first sentence of first paragraph
3. Then repeat at the end of the first paragraph
4. Repeat again at the end of the sentence last paragraph
5.That in the first paragraph of this, one you link to the url post SEO Technique Most Powerful
6.If it can be given underline or bold, just for different it!

The bottom line: expand keywords in the post so that the optimal

for the backlink (the same as off-page seo) can be of high PR dofollow blogs, dofollow social bookmark, Exchange link, submit to blog directories, etc. ...

usually only one way above, we can be 500 per day visitor even more. Furthermore, regular updates and articles repeat the above tips. maybe it wrote the outline, if still not please the complete

blogging, blogging...

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