Indonesia Java International Destination, Joko Dolog Statue

Indonesia Java International Destination, Joko Dolog
Arca Joko Dolog
One of the heritage which is also a place that often visit or as tourist attractions. Because of that  Indonesia Java blog  written about one of heritage in the center of Surabaya, precisely in Apsari Park, near Grahadi and Tunjungan Building Plaza, which is in the area Embong Trengguli Road near the school building Petra Christian Junior High 2 (Embong Wungu) . Legacy is a statue of Buddha Mahasobya (Akshobya - one of the Five Dhyani Buddhas, called the Holy Land Abhirati) better known by the name JOKO DOLOG.. Maybe this is not one interesting sights for me personally, but it can make a tour to the historian who wants to know the historical developments in Indonesia, especially Java island. From the statue's why I included Joko Dolog as one international destination on the island of Java, Indonesia. In accordance with the topic of Java Indonesia International Destination.
Holy Land called Abhirati) better known by the name JOKO DOLOG. There is an inscription on the lapiknya a poem, using the ancient Javanese characters, and the Sanskrit language. In the inscription is mentioned a place called Wurare, so called by the name prasastinya inscription Wurare. Joko Dolog  is known by locals as the "fat boy" or "fat boy".
Indonesia Java International Destination, Joko Dolog
Joko Dolog
Mahasobya Buddha statue is from the Cage Gajak. In 1817 moved to Surabaya by Resident de Salis. Elephant stables area was once a Kedoeng Wulan area, the area under the power of Majapahit. In the Dutch colonial period included in Surabaya residency, while the present including rural areas Bejijong, Trowulan Sub-district, Mojokerto - East Java. There are also saying that this Dolog Joko statue came from Candi Jawi notes related to the Buddha statue is missing Akshobya in the Temple. Mahasobya Buddha statue, made famous by the name of this Dolog Joko, now visited by many people who beg a blessing. But if you see lapiknya, called prasati Wurare, very interesting because it contains some historical data in the past.
Figures show the inscription of Saka 1211 and written by a servant of the king Kertajaya named Nada. Poetic inscriptions of both these 19 basic content can be broken down into 5 things, At one time there was a priest named Arrya Bharad served divide into 2 parts of Java, which then were each given a name and Panjalu Jenggala. The division of power is done because there is a power struggle between the crown prince.In the reign of king and consort Jayacriwisnuwardhana, Crijayawarddhani, both regions were brought together again. Ordination king (who ordered a plaque) as a Jina with Cri Jnanjaciwabajra title. Jina Mahasobya embodiment as established in the 1211 Saka Wurare. King in a short time managed to re-unite the region that have been broken, so that life becomes prosperous. The mention of the inscription maker named Tone, as servants of the king. Some of this data should be combined with historical data such as the Book of Negarakertagama, Pararaton, and inscriptions others, will result in the history of gambling terms. Previously we review the five figures mentioned in the inscription Wurare. These five characters are Arrya Bharad, Jayacriwisnuwarddhana called also the name Crihariwarddhana, Crijayawarddhani, King (who ruled a plaque), and tone (as the executor of the inscription maker).
Indonesia Java International Destination, Joko Dolog
Joko Dolog
Who actually made the king who ruled this prasati? The answer is none other than King Kertanagara, the last Singosari King. In the inscription mentioned that he was the son of the king Crijayawisnuwarddhana with Crijayawarddhani. Crijayawisnuwarddhana name is now better known by the name or Ranggawuni Wisnuwarddhana. Then Arrya Bharad, this name is known in the reign of king Airlangga. While the obvious name mentioned that he was the servant of the king. Further from this inscription can be known historical data are important as follows:
In the days of Medang kingdom, namely the end of the reign of King Airlangga, exactly 963 Saka, occurs division into two kingdoms. This had to be done to avoid the power struggle between the crown prince 2. The division performed by the royal priest of the most famous miracle, called Arrya Bharad. The Way was down and split the earth with a shiny jug of water, two kingdoms is limited by the mountains and the river Brantas Kawi, and each called the kingdom  Panjalu and Jenggala. Jenggala Kingdom covering the area of Malang and Brantas river delta, with the port Surabaya, Rembang, and Pasuruan.The capital is Kahuripan, the former royal capital of Airlangga. While Panjalu kingdom, which became known by the name of Kediri, Kediri and includes Madison area. Capital Daha, which may Kediri area now.
In the days of empire Singosari, precisely in the reign of king Wisnuwarddhana, royal and Jenggala trying Panjalu reunited under royal rule Singosari. After king Wisnuwarddhana done to unite in a way to marry his son named Turukbali with Jayakatwang which is the last descendant of the king of Kediri King Kertajaya. Jayakatwang who feels that he is the rightful heir to the throne of Kediri, so he tried to seize back power.
Actions are always trying to grab power that prevented by the king wanted to Wisnuwarddhana with a political marriage. The work was continued by his later descendants named the king who married his son Kertanagara with Jayakatwang children named Arddhara.
The fact prove that the efforts with the good aim is not always smooth cause . Jayakatwang still trying to seize power. Kertanegara regarded as people who are not entitled to the throne. The effort of Kertanegara  to show that he is the rightful heir with mention Crijayawisnuwarddhana and Crijayawarddhani as his parents in Wurare inscription. Besides that, it is mentioned that Kertanagara is a good king in the dharma and literature, as well as pastor of the four islands. He was confirmed as the title Mahakshobya Jina Crijnanaciwabajra.
Mean inaugural as Jina is to demonstrate the power and greatness of him. Buddha Aksobhya Mahasobhya is highest. The term Mahasobhya given to Kertanagara as meaning he had a character in Aksobhya and emanation of Buddha, which has a peaceful nature, power, and unparalleled strength.Sedangan gelarnya sebagai Cri Jnannaciwabajra could mean that he is a person who has experience or experience such as Lord Shiva, and can destroy the evil for the welfare of all mankind.
these Kertnegara titles also have a political backgrounds. King Kertanegara to compete with the king Kublai Khan, who was confirmed as Jina Mahamitabha (Amitabha Buddha). This competition arises because the king Kublai Khan to power throughout Asia Landmarks. But the king Kertanegara did not want to submit. In Saka 1211, a messenger from the king of Kublai Khan named Meng-ch'i, who asked for recognition of the power of Kublai Khan, was rejected and sent back to the Mongols by the king Kertanegara. All of it happened to coincide with a plaque stating Wurare power and greatness a king Kertanagara as Mahasobhya Jina.Mahasobhya Jina is the ruler eye east wind, while the ruler eye west wind is Mahamitabha . Kublai Khan thus control of the area while the western part of mastering Kertanagara eastern region.
Of all the information it can be discovered that the statue of Joko Dolog  is a manifestation  Kertanegara own king. While the engraved inscription around lapiknya contain values important political history. Primarily as a proof that our nation since time immemorial not simply surrender to the foreign occupiers. Also try to foster unity to uphold the power.

Indonesia Java International Destination

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