Indonesia Java International Destination, Pusat Primata Schmutzer

Indonesia Java International Destination, Pusat Primata Schmutzer
Pusat Primata Schmutzer

Indonesia Java International Destination,Pusat Primata Schmutzer Ragunan donated to the city of Jakarta by the late lady of Puck Schmutzer, a lover of animals, and the Gibbon Foundation, where she joined deal term. Mrs Schmutzer wanted to show an example would be a concern for the nuances in satwaliar Wildlife Park. On his love of Indonesia, he expects grants to help Indonesian people to better appreciate and care about the beauty satwaliar Indonesia.
Pauline Adeline Antoinette Veersteegh or Puck was born on September 6, 1924 in Wonorejo., East Java. He is a painter, art lover and animal lover. The most important thing is taught by his parents: Respect and love all God's creatures, including humans and animals. Puck was born with Indonesian citizenship, but in 1951 he changed his nationality to Dutch citizens. He worked at a company in Indonesia, namely, Ford Motor, and then moved to the company's headquarters in Singapore. He worked at the company until 1959, then returned to Indonesia.
On his return from Singapore, he met a Dutch citizen businessman named Drs. IAM Ignace Schmutzer. After their marriage, Puck began doing a lot of social activities, both for humans and for animals. He did this activity until the rest of his life.In 1980 he received the Medal of President Suharto's Social. Drs. IAM Ignace first Schmutzer died in 1977 at Utrecht, Netherlands. Ny. Puck Schmutzer died in 1998 and sown in the ashes of the tiger footprints sumatera by executing a will Dr.Ir. Willie Smits in Berbak National

Indonesia Java International Destination

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is this origine from holland? but mr sch
utzer and his indonesian wife were owners of several plantages in indonesia.
i worked long time ago in amsterdam for one of me schmutzer's companys.

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