Indonesia Java International Destination, Solo CityWalk

Indonesia java International Destination, Solo citywalk
Solo Citywalk
After leave this blog for several months did'nt perform the update and did'nt do blogwalking for Indonesia Java International Destination may have caused morale has dropped drastically, I already build backlink during the last 2 months when the feeling was more than the current number, thats make me lazy and feel  despert. Finally I had to leave this blog Indonesia Java for a while. While waiting for my backlink I continue made a new blog accordance with my background education.. May be thats can be backlinks for next seo contest events, somekind like dummy blog.. Now I just try to start updating this blog Java Indonesia, entitled Solo City walk  means is one way to raise the potential for tourism in the city of Solo, Central Java, Indonesia. In accordance with the title Indonesia Java  blog, which means only publish tours in the island of Java, Indonesia.
Solo Citywalk is a path of development projects that aim to raise the potential for a solo tour in the city and public spaces such as town of community activities in the past solo. For me this is a unique project but really helps in raising the potential of Solo City. From the  tourist attraction until the traditional markets and train stations in Solo to be at the point made in the solo citywalk Solo Citywalk  is the development  for widening the road or path that aims to increase community activity room in Solo City so people can enjoy the solo city on foot, but are preferred in many places to visit like the Museum Batik, Purwosari Train Station to the castle Vastenburg and gede markets and other attractions frequented made public activities Solo. It is important to presence citywalk to highlight the romance of the past Solo can unite with other development policies do governments and private parties.
Indonesia Java International Destination, Solo Citywalk
Solo Citywalk

Protocols road corridor selected Slamet Riyadi has many interesting points that strongly supports the citywalk planning point  from the station tour ends in the region Purwosari Vastenburg castle and Pasar Gede, full of heritage buildings that some were still standing. On this path can  found of modern shopping centers, Sriwedari conservation area, Radya Pustaka Museum, Museum of Ancient Danarhadi Batik, Ngarsopuran Mangkunegaran Area, Kampong Kauman (which also launched today as one of the tourist village of batik in Solo, also offers thick of atmosphere  tours of Islamic religious ), Gladhag, North Square, the Great Mosque of Solo, the region Kasunanan palace, fortress Vastenburg, which then can proceed to the traditional market of Pasar Gede.
One of the unique potential of Solo's rarely found in Indonesia and also happens to be located on the south side of Jalan Slamet Riyadi is the presence of the tram tracks as a transportation, if the existence of this tramway rails again empowered to support certain Solo City Walk, City walk is the most unique because  only the  city walk every certain time a train passed by. Do not forget also the presence of rickshaws as traditional transportation city. Amazing ..!! Existence of a wide median along the corridor Jalan Slamet Riyadi also become one of the potential that has been transformed into one of the supporting elements very interesting. This point has been turned into a city park that has a beautiful seat that serves as a haven for rest, enjoy the coolness and the beauty of flowers, jogging or exercising. One thing that the city people    or Educational recreational  via historical information that can be found in museums Radya Library currently exists as a museum of the oldest museums began forgotten or Danarhadi Ancient Batik. Wide pedestrian, neat garden and other supporting facilities are inadequate, making this region an ideal location for doing art festivals. Rice Festival Liwet and Solo Art Festival are examples of festivals that have used the existence of this region.

Indonesia Java International Destination

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