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In making website or blog, you want to make sure that HTML code is correct and well-formed. Broken code can hamper the ability of search engines to crawl your site. Make sure that you close all tags that need to be closed.

Remember, search engine spiders only a computer program with all the limitations that implies. They work in accordance with a predefined, programmed set of rules. If your web pages are not in accordance with the rules then they run the risk of not properly indexed by search engines (or, worse yet, not indexed at all)! This can seriously damage or ranking of your site, even potentially prevent your site from the rankings altogether. There are no optimization techniques you'll care if a search engine does not index your site. Therefore, eligible to make as easy as possible for search engine spiders to process the code on your web page. This allows the indexing process to work as smoothly as possible, allowing you to spend your optimization efforts where they are most needed instead of worrying about technical, programming problems.
Fortunately, there is an easy way to help ensure that your HTML code easy to process by the search engine spiders â € "have it according to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards. You can easily test a web page with the HTML validator at http:// œvalidatesâ If your site â € €?? (ie, you dona € ™ t get any error), you can be confident that the search engines will be able to process your web page.
Note: in order to validate your page you must use a valid DOCTYPE. In addition to helping to validate your site, with a valid DOCTYPE easier for search engine spiders to more easily extract and process for the browser. Thus, both helping optimization efforts you and make your site compatible with a larger number of browsers.
You should note that it's easier to use the W3C HTML validator if your page valid DOCTYPE. Not only the pages with the standard requirements that apply DOCTYPES generally easier for search engine spiders to parse, but they are also easier for browsers to be processed. This will result in slightly better performance for your site and in your pages in a large number of compatible browsers.

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