Deep Linking

In building a link to the page for the blog, there is need for a direct link to the blog page. Whatever page you will be in pairs as navigation to direct people to blog page. Therefore the need to know the meaning of deep linking now I want to talk about deep linking for search engine optimization.

Based on what I know deep linking is a link on another blog page that leads directly to the owner of the blog / website with relevant content or vice versa .. But in building a deep link to the notice is the ratio of the deep links. Because of the deep linking is inbound links and outbound links. Inbound links are links in our blog page connecting with blogs / other web. While Outbound links are links in other blogs page for pages that directly led to our blog page.
Inbound links are also referred to as external links, which means that the link from the outside into the main page blog. Usually external links used by the exchange which then mounted on the main page blog as a blogroll or blog links friends, can also comment on the column. In my learning about deep linking to note is the ratio between inbound outbound link with a common link called deep link ratio. But if you discuss it later .. it will be dizzy discussion. See you again in the next post. Thanks

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